Apr 30, 2011

Our Workbox System

I finally got our workbox system up and running!! I created a weekly schedule book for the boys instead of a daily schedule. I plan our work out a week in advance then I place all of the tags for each weekday in their schedule book. This helps me in two ways: 1) They can see their entire schedule for the week in advance and 2) if I can't change out their work folders one night for whatever, unforeseen reason, they can still get their work done without running to me asking "what do I do NOW??" So here is the schedule book with pockets to hold completed tags:

I use file crates to store their work instead of carts. There are two Velcro dots on the green hanging folders, one for the tag number, which they remove when the work is completed, and one for the picture tag to show what is in the folder. I also have schedule grids attached to the crate to place these tags on.

As they complete their work, they remove the tags and place them in the pockets of the schedule book and on the schedule grid on the crates. The schedule book serves as their guide for the week and the tags on the crates let them know where they are with their work, so when they come back from breaks, they know exactly where to start working. It also gives me a quick visual of what they have completed for the day.

I store all my tags in a large pencil box. The blue crate is where I store all of our curriculum that we do as a group. So, that's our workbox system and so far, it is working great!



  1. Super job on setting up your blog:) I am proud to be your first follower:) I can't do tabbed pages either and I have been blogging for almost a year:(. I am computer challenged my husband likes to say. Love you work box system

  2. Very nice! I really like your choice of background color. Your workbox/workfolders look great!

    Take care,

  3. Looks great! I have so much fun snooping at what others are doing. :)


  4. Your blog looks great! I too am technologically challenged so I am no help in that area. I tried to do tabs and gave up after hours of tweaking them. It was quite liberating to just hit Delete and move on :)
    Great set up on the workfolders.