May 14, 2011

Button Sorting

As one of our tot activities, my 2 year old sorts plastic buttons by color and by shape. I found the best plastic buttons at JoAnn's, they are brightly colored and just the right size for his little fingers. We started out sorting into an egg carton. I would place a colored button in the egg hole and he would match it.

Then on Easter, as he was playing with our plastic eggs, I noticed that the eggs are the exact same color as his buttons! So, I pulled out the buttons and showed him how to match the buttons to the egg and fill it up. He loved it!! He will sit still for at least 30 minutes just placing buttons in the eggs.

Then of course, I have to find the matching top and close the eggs up. My 5 month gets in on the action as well. He tries to pick up the eggs when he hears the rattling sound and just gets so angry because his chubby little hands can't grasp the roundness of the egg!!

My next step will be for him to try and pick up the buttons with the chop stix and move them to the eggs. This is one of his favorite things to play with, he sits so quietly, thinking and strategizing about where to put those buttons.



  1. This is soooo cute!
    We sort buttons all the time but I've never thought of sorting them into plastic eggs - thanks for the idea :)

  2. VERY cute!

    I'm following you...I'd appreciate the follow-love at my homeschooling blog. Raising Little Rhodies.

    Thanks! '


  3. Thanks for the follow! What a wonderful idea...I have a 26mth old and this would be a great way to work with him and help keep him occupied once school starts up in the fall.

    I will start looking for some button's this summer!