May 2, 2011

The Layout.....

I have these really large, Sesame Street, ABC flash cards that I use in teaching my tot, who is 2. They are great cards, very durable and colorful. He loves playing with them. I say the letter, he repeats it and then lays the cards out on the floor.

He does this completely on his own, his idea, not mine. But, they have to be in order, touching and lined up perfectly. He gets very upset if they move out of place, so I have to line them back up for him to which he claps :)

In the bottom picture, he is trying to decide where to put the very last card. After we are done, he gathers them all up and we start over again. 


1 comment:

  1. I love it when my toddler gets so involved in something like that. Of course I don't love it when I'm not understanding what exactly he wants (like the cards all lined up and touching) and it leads to a nuclear meltdown, but the intense work that a toddler can do is amazing.